Play the classic Pictionary game from the comfort of your smartphone


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If you enjoy this classic board game and have spent hours drawing and playing with your friends, then you’ll love this app. Pictionary™ lets you enjoy the game just as much as the tabletop version, but without having to wait for another get-together with your friends. You can play with other users around the world and have as much fun as you usually do with this classic game.

The gameplay is exactly the same as in the original game, except you can draw using a ton of different colors and play alone or with a partner against two other players. Pictionary™ also includes rewards inside treasure chests that’ll definitely encourage you to keep challenging other users in order to win as many rewards as possible.

As soon as you're ready to begin the challenge, pick a card from the stack and start drawing; your opponent has to write the exact word on your card. Keep in mind that the answer is only valid if all the letters match. When it’s your turn to guess, you’ll be able to watch the other player draw in real time, so don’t waste a single second.

Let your artistic juices flow with this super fun game and enjoy playing Pictionary™ as you normally do. You can choose to play with your friends or any user around the world in a huge number of languages.